No two weddings are alike…

I love telling the story of two unique individuals who are taking life’s most magnificent plunge. I use artistic, emotional, documentary style photography to tell these stories in a sublime and authentic manner.

The art of photojournalism is to be present as the moment is unfolding and catch it, free from the interference of a photographer’s influence or agenda. By allowing the day to evolve in a spontaneous and organic fashion, beautiful, heartwarming, and hilarious moments will occur. I work deftly and unobtrusively, moving among vantage points that are forefront to these events, while capturing them through my own unique, artistic eye.

After the last champagne is sipped and the last dance is danced, you start your new life together with your family’s first heirloom: a set of amazing, priceless photos that allow you to celebrate the sights, sounds, and feel of that magical day, many times over again.