Testimonials are unsolicited and taken from emails and thank you notes from my clients.

Hi Erik,
We got the flash drive in the mail today. Thanks for the cute packaging 🙂
The pictures are gorgeous and we laughed or smiled through so many of them.
I really can’t remember a time when someone took so many great candids of me!
I hate being photographed but you made me look good.
Shereen and Owen

Photo-of-Ponce-City-Market-Atlanta-Wedding-taken-by-Wedding-Photographer-Erik-Meadows (28)Thank you Erik Meadows!
You are so talented!
Love these photos so much!

Photo-of-Chattahoochee-River-Engagement-Session-taken-by-Atlanta-Photographer-Erik-Meadows (1)Photos look great!
Everyone loved seeing them and [are] excited to see the ones of my grandparents.
Thanks for getting these to us and doing a great job.

Photo-of-Atlanta-Lake-House-Wedding-taken-by-Erik-Meadows-Photography (87)You are awesome! Made me shed a tear.
Thank you so much Erik Meadows! Worth the wait.

Photo-of-Old-Edwards-Inn-Wedding-taken-by-Erik-Meadows-Photography (27)Hi Erik!
Thank you so much!
Everything turned out better than we could’ve ever hoped for!
Thanks so much for doing such a great job for us, we are so excited to see the [full set of] photos!!
Thanks again for everything!

Life-University-Engagement-Photo-taken-by-Atlanta-Same-Sex-Wedding-Photographer-Erik-Meadows (25)Thank you Erik Meadows! These are awesome!❤️❤️❤️
Erik these are amazing!!!!! Thank you so much

Naylor-Hall-Roswell-Wedding-Photo-taken-by-Photographer-Erik-Meadows (2)Thank you Erik for the amazing pictures!

They are amazing!!!! You are quite talented!!!
It’s going to be difficult to put a book together!
Thank you so much, your pictures will keep the day alive forever!!!!
Annie (Mother of the Bride)

Centennial-Olympic-Park-Scenery-Engagement-Photograph-taken-by-Atlanta-Wedding-Photographer-Erik-MeadowsErik Meadows is the best photographer around!
Thank you so much for capturing the love Carrie and I have for one another along with our fun and playful personalities!
We can’t wait for you to continue your artistic prowess in capturing our most special day of our lives…so far…

Naylor-Hall-Wedding-Photograph-taken-by-Atlanta-Photographer-Erik-Meadows (28)Thanks go to you sir!
Glad you are enjoying the smoke [hand-rolled cigar from the wedding], it’s well deserved after the fantastic work you did at our wedding!!

Photo-of-Cator-Woolford-Gardens-Wedding-taken-by-Atlanta-Wedding-Photographer-Erik-Meadows (33)Erik
We knew you were the right guy for the job and while we won’t see the final product for a while, you definitely proved us right yesterday.
You are a tireless worker and perfectionist in getting the right shot.
Cant wait to see how it all turned out.

These are awesome as Julie and I knew they would be.
I know my grandmother will enjoy seeing them as we are sharing all sorts of memory finds with her this weekend.
Can’t wait to see the rest of them and read the blog.
Again, great pics and thanks for the sneak peeks!

Hi Erik,
Just wanted to quickly confirm receipt of the flash drive and THANK you for telling our wedding day story with photos.
I could gush more, but Erich hasn’t seen the full suite yet, just my cherry picked ones for Christmascards 🙂 So I don’t want to be the spoiler!
Hope you are well.
All the best,

Hi Erik,
Hope you’re doing well! Thank you so much for posting the blog and for waiting until I was back in town.
The pictures are beautiful and everyone has been commenting on how amazing they are and how talented the photographer we hired was.
I really do hope we can stay in touch as fellow-cat and food lovers should 🙂

I am not really the type to say OMG! more likely to be Holy S**** But ERIK! Those pictures are so beautiful!
The way you pulled some stuff forward and fuzzed the back stuff– DAMN! we are so lucky to have had you to do our pictures!

If she had gotten married a year from now I doubt we would have been able to afford you– you are really shining-
and if you are not THE most notable Photog in Atlanta– you will soon be!
(And I will help you with that in any way I can- my circle is not huge but some of them are quite influential– I cannot WAIT to show off these shots!)

You are a genius! I know everyone says it– I can’t say it any better– but seriously-
Thank you for the amazing memories these will provide for generations to come!

Thanks again, Erik!

~Shawn (Mother of the Bride)

Photo-of-Atlanta-Botanical-Garden-Wedding-taken-by-Erik-Meadows-Photography (36)Thanks for a great Thanksgiving day gift. A few of these photos brought tears!
Debbie (Mother of the Bride)

Naylor-Hall-Wedding-Photo-taken-by-Atlanta-Photographer-Erik-Meadows (24)Brad and I just looked at our wedding pictures…… they are amazing!
You did a fabulous job!
Thanks so much!

Photo-of-Naylor-Hall-Wedding-in-Roswell-Georgia (77)Hi Erik,
All of the pictures are beautiful.

We received the photos last week!
I just took the two family portraits to be framed for our mothers 🙂
THANK YOU for creating the images we had hoped for to help us remember our big day for a long long time.
The quality and hard work you put into them really shows.
Cynthia and Geoffrey

We love the photos and printed a ridiculous number to give them out to our guests.
You did an awesome job and if you ever need a reference or testimonial, I/we would be glad to do that for you.
You are an artist and a consummate professional as well as being fun and easy to work with.
I hope all is well. On a business note, I will be reaching out sometime this summer to see about scheduling a headshot shoot.
We are most satisfied clients!

Atlanta-Farm-Wedding-Bridesmaids-Hug-Photograph-taken-by-Photographer-Erik-MeadowsHi Erik,
I’ve been going through the photos over the week and I just want to say, again, thank you.
They are incredible, and everyone says so.
I really appreciate how the photo shoot just felt like going to hang out with friends and family, not like a chore.
It was fun and relaxing and the photos clearly show that.
I’ve been noticing other wedding photos on all the websites and blogs that I’ve had to give attention to lately, and yours are really above and beyond.
You’ve truly found your calling.


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